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Magic Mascara Made the Golden Globes Gifting Suite!


Golden Globes Magic Mascara

Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Made it to the Golden Globes

In case you didn’t know the Golden Globes are a goldmine for celeb’s to get FREEBIES and learn about new products on the market! The Golden Globes GIfting Sutie is where all the fun and shopping goes on for celeb’s to get goody bags! This year Younique’s 3D Fiber Lash Mascara made it to the gifting suite and Celeb’s got to take home some fabulous Magic Mascara!

Check out the video below of our 3D FIber Lash Mascara at the Golden Globes! Then get your Magic Mascara by Clicking HERE!






Why Younique is the Best Home Based Business for Women [Video Below] Must Watch!

Younique: The Best Home Based Business for Women

Younique the best Home Based Business

Have you been looking for a home based business that rocks? Look no further Younique is the most innovative much needed new twist to Home Based Businesses that has been so much needed in this industry! Younique is like a fresh breath of air that has came in and filled the atmsophere with magical fairy dust! Life is wonderful being a Younique presenter and women are absolutely loving it!  We’re not your grandmothers makeup …we’re young and hip and trending!! #3dfiberlashmascara is everywhere! Younique is the first direct sales company to market and sell almost exclusively through social media. Presenters are able to reach more people through social media then just those in their circle. The growth of the company has been amazing and continues to grow by leaps and bounds every month! Take a look at why this company is the best home based business for women all over the world below.

Watch now and go HERE to Join!

best home based business

Younique is the best home based business



[Video] Review: Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain by Younique

Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain by YouniqueStiff Upper Lip Lip Stain

OMGWOW!!! I am in LLLLLOOOOVE with my Stiff Upper Lip Stain!! Yes this product is simply amazing and it is only available in November (sad face)! So if you want something easy that will stay on and not budge and gives you a beautiful dramatic sexy look this is it!!! No time to waist like I said there’s only a few days left in November to grab yours!!!  All you have to do is spend at least $150 and you will get the Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain for Free!! See the picture below on the awesome stocking stuffers you can get that will help you get to $150! Check out my video below of me applying the lip stain for the 1st time!!

Stiff Upper Lip Lip stain




Younique’s Opening Day in the UK: One Word (BONKERS)!!

Younique Launched in the UK

Younique launch UK

Wow I am so excited about Younique’s launch in the UK this past weekend. On Saturday November 1st customers in the UK were lined up waiting to buy buy buy!! OMG!! the sales went through the roof!! It was Crazy insane!! It was just as crazy as October 1st which was the first day Younique opened for people to join the business and become presenters…in just 26 mins the Triple Digit Club was filled which consists of 999 presenters!  I am just floored with the response the company is getting in the UK, but hey when you have an awesome product and compensation plan who wouldn’t want to be a part of it!!

In the UK and Ready to Join Younique?

This business is absolutely amazing!  The perks are so awesome! I love playing with makeup that I get paid commissions on…I mean there’s nothing like getting paid to play in makeup. I will never pay full price for makeup again, because everytime I purchase I get 25% in cash right back or I get it for FREE or half-priced when I host a party! There’s only the one-time start up fee when you join to get your kit! THere’s no monthly fees, no fees for your payment account, and you get a FREE website! Younique has been a blessing to me and my family..let it be for yours!

Ready to get started and Join my team? I’m waiting for you!! Click here to JOIN TODAY!


[Video] Lancome Grandiose versus Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Lancome Grandiose versus Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara

Lancome Grandiose Mascara …Can it hold up to Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara?

Lacome Grandiose mascara just came out and since it is in the same price range as Younique’s 3d Fiber Lash Mascara I decided that I definitely had to put the two together and battle it out!!! The video below will demonstrate both mascara’s and at the end you can determine which mascara is the best!!

Lancome or Younique…Let the Battle Begin!!

Younique 3D Fiber Lash Mascara