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[Video] Simple Eyebrow Look with the Perfect Eyebrow Liner

Perfect Eyebrows are Easy to Get

best eyebrow tutorial

I used to look at women’s eyebrows and wonder how in the heck did they get them so perfect!! For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. I would go get my eyebrows waxed thinking that was all I needed to do to get the perfect eyebrows. Now my eyebrow lady is awesome she does a great job, but  even though she did her part I still didn’t have that airbrushed look that I wanted! Fast forward to me really starting to watch makeup tutorials and learning how to apply makeup I finally understood the myth behind perfect eyebrows. Now that I know this secret I spend less time getting my eyebrows waxed! Instead of getting my eyebrows done every 2 weeks I now only need to go once a month!! Yeh me..right! I love saving a buck!! So ladies here it is …my simple and easy eyebrow look using Younique Precision Eyebrow Liner/Spoolie eyebrow liner

and Younique BB Cream to highlight under the brow and to clean up the edges of the brows! Giving that nice crisp finish! In the video I used our Blending Buds to blend in my highlighter and they work amazingly…these are must have tools to blend to perfection! There’s a bundle with the blending buds and the BB Cream that will give you even more savings! (side note: these buds will have you highlighting and contouring like a pro too!)blending buds


I also use our Younique Eyebrow gel when I want to add more drama to my eyebrows!

eyebrow gel

Here is my everyday look and how I achieve it! Watch