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Sweet Drops Make Everything Taste Better: Stevia Drops

Give your Drinks and Food the Flavor they need with Sweet Drops! No Sugar or Fat..just Yummy Goodness!


Ok Ok I know this is not about makeup, but I’m on a journey to lose weight and since I’m losing weight of course this will help with my skin tone overall! While on my journey I have been looking for something to help sweeten and give flavor to my drinks and meals, someone recommended looking for sweet drops which is a liquid sweetner made with Stevia. So I searched on Amazon and found a ton of different flavors and had them shipped to me pronto!! Let me tell you it was one of the best quick decision I have made! I have been adding these drops to whatever I think will needs a pick me up.

My favorite recipe is  Iced Coffee! Yesss OMG this is soooo good and it’s a no guilt drink.

So I take 1 cup of coffee with 1 cup of ice and add it to my blender then I add whatever flavor I want. My favorite flavor is chocolate and coconut sweet drops mixed together which gives me an Almond Joy taste without all the calories!!! sweet dropsYummmm!! I also use Vanilla, Caramel and  English Toffee for other flavors. This is such a treat and I don’t have to worry about my waisteline! sweet drops


One of my favorite night time snacks when I’m really craving chocolate I make a really yummy strawberry dish. In a bowl I cut up 6 strawberries, crush up 1 WASA cracker, add about 4 TBSP of water and 6 drops of chocolate sweet drops. Microwave for 1min and 30sec. This is soooo scrumptious and can be used if you are following the HCG diet, or just as a health snack.

sweet drops

Don’t go anywhere without your sweet drops they are a lifesaver!!! Grab some now!!