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Best Matte Liquid Lipstick and How to Wear it!

matte liquid lipstick


Looking for the best matte liquid lipstick? There’s so many different brands out there how can you even figure out which one’s are the best for you?  Some major factors to look for when purchasing a liquid matte lipstick are

1. Staying Power

2. Moisture

3. The perfect Shade

Got those 3  factors in a mattle lipstick then you have found the perfect one!!

I have found that Younique has the perfect Liquid Matte Lipstick and amazing colors at that! Their line is called Splash Liquid Matte Lipstick and the “Splash”  definitley hints to all the moisture in these lippies! I am so in love with it because my lips don’t feel dry and sucked of all the moisture. These matte liquid lipsticks go on smooth and creamy and give your lips the moisture needed all day long!

Speaking of all day long you will be impressed with how your Splash liquid matte lipsticks holds up throughout the day! It’s staying power is #splashliquidlipstickstrong lol! I have gone from 8-5pm and my lips still look amazing! Now of course as with any lipstick if you eat alot or drink you will need to freshen it up. Don’t let anyone tell you different unless you are using a lipstain of something (of which Younique has some awesome lipstains too!).

matte liquid lipstick

Soooo you have the perfect matte liquid lipstick now what is the best way to apply it for all day staying power!

Yes there is a best way to get the most out of your matte lipstick and trust me your lips will thank you!

Follow these steps and have amazing kissable lips!

1. Exfoliate those lips! Nothing looks worse than lipstick over cracked dry ips. Exfoliating is a must especially before applying matte lipstick. Just a few quick swipes buffs away dry cells and rejuvenates skin, leaving soft, supple lips. Use before all other lip products for brighter, bolder, and longer-lasting wear. This exfoliator is shaped like a lipstick tube for easy hands free exfoliation! It’s sugar and Shea butter buff, polish and hydrates your lips!  Grab some here

matte liquid lipstick


2. Moisturize.. Adding extra moisture never hurt no body! So this Lip Balm will give your lips a treat and should be applied after exfoliating for ultimate moisture! Featured on Essence. com as one of the best tinted lip balms Lip Bon Bons pamper your lips with a smooth  creamy hint of color.  Go check out all the flavors here!

matte liquid lipstick

3. Prime

Now that you have moisturized you want to give your matte liquid lipstick something to hold onto! So how do I do this? Well I just used my foundatioin brush to apply my foundation so I use what is leftover on my brush to dab over my lips!  That’s it sooo easy!! The Powder Puff Brush does the Job well!

matte liquid lipstick


4. Last but not least Pucker Up It’s time for Splash Liquid Matte Lipstick!!

Choose from 10 different colors and 6 new ones (only available in June)!  Mix and match colors and make omber looks! The choice is yours! Have fun and make your lips your statement piece!

Shop collection (only way to grab the new 6 colors; Sublime, Stellar, Sumptuous, Susceptible, Superb and Stately) here or shop for individual colors here 

matte liquid lipstick


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