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Periscope is the Biz!!! Don’t Sleep on this Social Media Platform…Your Business Needs it!

Periscope Gives Life to Social Media…Live Streaming Goodness!!Periscope

If you haven’t heard about Periscope already I’m am so excited to share it with you!!! OMG! Just when you think social media can’t get any better ……something remarkable and amazingly witty comes along and shakes things up! Enter Periscope..WooHOO!!! Honeslty I can’t keep up with this stuff…appearantly before Periscope there was something similar called Meerkat but I just skipped over that and Periscope has been where I have been spending the last week literally just glued to my phone! I’m loving it!

Ok so what is Periscope you’re asking…well as I mentioned it’s a new social media platform that allows users to stream live where ever they are using a front facing camera or flipping it to see what they are pointing their phone at. What is sooo cool is the fact that viewers can communicate with the streamer by commenting and the streamer can talk back and converse with viewers! There’s cute little hearts that flutter up the screen when you tap it while watching a streamer which show’s them how much you are diggin’ what they are talking about! The live broadcasts can be saved to your gallery but are only viewable to others for 24hrs!!

From celebrities, business owners, comedians and your everyday Joe there’s entertainment for all!! Literally I just watched this guy make a homemade slip-n-slide in a hospital by pouring water down the hall and then spraying oil on his body…..then he commenced to sliding down the hallway…..unbelievable not getting caught…oh my goodnes I laughed so hard.. it was hilarious!!

So I guarantee you will enjoy Periscope! You know it’s connected to Twitter so you can follow all the same people you follow on twitter to start out with and then continue to add people.

Business wise…it’s all about giving value and sharing with others your skills, or sharing how your product works, sharing your talents if you sing,,,act..comedian….anything goes!! Just being authentic and giving your best is all that’s needed to start getting a following. Make sure you share scopes that you like with your followers, comment on scopes, and give hearts!! Follow me on Periscope @thesinglemomboss I would love to see your scopes!!