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[Video] Eyelash Extensions Gone Wrong! Here’s A Healthier and Fabulous Alternative

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Eyelash Extensions May Cause Problems….

One thing that ladies are just wanting more of these days is lashes the bigger the better!!! Full luxurious lashes have been making their way down runways and red carpets everywhere and everyone wants to have them! So what extent will women go to to get fabulous lashes? Women will pay upwards to $100 or more for a set of bangin’ lashes…but there has been a warning that getting eyelashes may come at a cost!

There are dangers in getting eyelash extensions. These extensions can cause infection, allergic reactions or even be done totally wrong causing huge problems for you. Some places have even gone as far to use nail glue. It is very imortant to go to a place that has a good reputation, the facility is clean and you will definitely be paying more than $30 if you want the best!

My personal experience with eyelash extensions has not been good. The lashes were irritating to my eyes and started to feel like rocks were glued to my eyelids. I lost quite  a few eyelashes along with the removal of the lashe, by the technician. The eyelash removal solution that was used burned my eyes something terrible. Never again….I had to find something better!

My Alternative to Eyelash Extensions Have Me Addicted

So while I was on a journey to find a better way to get fabulous lashes…I had started to just use the strip lashes myself and that wasn’t too bad…What I didn’t like about it was the glue part and sometimes getting it in my eyes and that was not fun! I also didn’t like the dried up glue around my eyes for me it was hard to get off. It was a struggle to say the least…..

But one day my life totally changed…..

I was scrolling through facebook and saw someone post a picture of a woman with one eyelash that looked amazing and the other eyelash needed some help! The picture was showing the difference that using this new mascara called 3D Fiber Lash Mascara compared to regular mascara looked like! I was amazed and the dramatic difference. So I did some investigating. I found out that not only did this mascara give you the look of falsies but it was also a natural mascara that wouldn’t harm my eyes! I thought I have to try this stuff! I was super excited. So before I bought it I realized that the company was a direct sales company and they were doing amazingly awesome! They were already selling 10,000 of these mascara’s everyday!!  I just knew I was going to love this mascara so I just decided why not join this company…make money and get free mascara!! So I did and OH MY GOODNESS!! I’m loving this mascara it has changed my life!!! My lashes are full, long and luxurious!!

Just look at this video and see the results for yourself!

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