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[Video] How I lost 22lbs in 16 days! Back Pain is Gone!

Losing weight has always been a challenge for me. I have been overweight for many years and it seemed that now in my 30′s the weight has been harder to keep off. Granted I do a lot of sitting at my desk working which didn’t help at all. So because I was so sedentary and continued to eat junk food my body just kept adding on the weight and before you know it I had tipped 300lbs….OMG I was devastated, depressed and in pain! Literally my back could not handle the weight. I thought if I went to a Chiropractor that possibly that would help my back, but it didn’t I actually felt worse.

My problem was that I had gained so much weight…my back hurt tremendously when I walked or stood up for too long so sitting down would help ease the pain. I was so depressed I didn’t know what to do. So I just ate my misery away. But of course no one knew how I was feeling, I kept it all inside too ashamed to face the reality. It hurt too bad to exercise so I just gave up.

But then something happened….my sister and her husband started to take some weightloss supplements and started dropping pounds like crazy. Of course I was intrigued and knew I needed to do something so I called them up to see what they were doing. To my surprise they were taking HCG drops, now I heard about these drops because Dr.Oz had made them so famous, but I just wasn’t buying it at the time…but now that I saw the results with my own eyes I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt. Soooo I ordered my HCG drops and started following the eating plan….

I couldn’t believe my eyes in just the first 2 days I was down 3lbs..and I kept losing everyday after that!! Before I knew it I was down 22lbs in 16 days!! I was so excited. Finally I found something that helped me stop eating junk, suppressed my appetite and most of all took away my back pain!! Just that alone has been amazing!! I can now walk without pain!! No more back pain, my energy level is through the roof, and I’m healthier!

I became a product of the product and now I’m helping others do the same!!! You see the company that supplies the HCG drops has literally changed my life!!! I am so excited to now partner with them and provide the amazing products to others. HCG drops are just a portion of the weightloss products available. People are losing pounds left and right with our Iaso tea, Delgada Coffee and so much more!!! If I can do this weight loss thing you can too!! Let’s do it together!!!

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