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[Video] Simple Eyebrow Look with the Perfect Eyebrow Liner

Perfect Eyebrows are Easy to Get

best eyebrow tutorial

I used to look at women’s eyebrows and wonder how in the heck did they get them so perfect!! For the life of me I couldn’t figure it out. I would go get my eyebrows waxed thinking that was all I needed to do to get the perfect eyebrows. Now my eyebrow lady is awesome she does a great job, but  even though she did her part I still didn’t have that airbrushed look that I wanted! Fast forward to me really starting to watch makeup tutorials and learning how to apply makeup I finally understood the myth behind perfect eyebrows. Now that I know this secret I spend less time getting my eyebrows waxed! Instead of getting my eyebrows done every 2 weeks I now only need to go once a month!! Yeh me..right! I love saving a buck!! So ladies here it is …my simple and easy eyebrow look using Younique Precision Eyebrow Liner/Spoolie eyebrow liner

and Younique BB Cream to highlight under the brow and to clean up the edges of the brows! Giving that nice crisp finish! In the video I used our Blending Buds to blend in my highlighter and they work amazingly…these are must have tools to blend to perfection! There’s a bundle with the blending buds and the BB Cream that will give you even more savings! (side note: these buds will have you highlighting and contouring like a pro too!)blending buds


I also use our Younique Eyebrow gel when I want to add more drama to my eyebrows!

eyebrow gel

Here is my everyday look and how I achieve it! Watch



[Video] Big Deal!! New MakeUp Alert!! Eyeshadow Palettes, Lipsticks, Eyebrow Liner and Gel!! EEEK!

Eeeek!! Who Doesn’t Love New MakeUp!!

New Makeup

Yasss I’m a Makeup Geek!!! I Love New makeup…can’t wait to get the latest beauty products that come out!!! Recently Younique (home of the infamous 3D Fiber Lash Mascara as seen on The Dr’s TV Show) released some absolutely ahhhhmazing new products that have won over my heart!!! We have 3 NEW Eyeshadow Palettes, 15 New Opulence Lipsticks, Eyebrow Liner and Eyebrow Gel…plus a new Liquid foundation that is super light with amazing coverage!!

I can’t be more thrilled to use my face as a canvas every single day with these products!! Check out the video below and make sure you run over to my website check out all of our New Stuff!!

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Makeup is my Passion so Why Not Get Paid!!

I Love makeup and when I saw this amazing opportunity to get all the makeup I can with huge discounts and a ton for free by being a presenter and starting my business I could not pass it up!

I am amazed at how my business has took off and I would love to have you join in the fun and get paid to take selfies!!! Click on the photo below to learn about how I pay my bills in makeup!!


New Makeup