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Sweet Drops Make Everything Taste Better: Stevia Drops

Give your Drinks and Food the Flavor they need with Sweet Drops! No Sugar or Fat..just Yummy Goodness!


Ok Ok I know this is not about makeup, but I’m on a journey to lose weight and since I’m losing weight of course this will help with my skin tone overall! While on my journey I have been looking for something to help sweeten and give flavor to my drinks and meals, someone recommended looking for sweet drops which is a liquid sweetner made with Stevia. So I searched on Amazon and found a ton of different flavors and had them shipped to me pronto!! Let me tell you it was one of the best quick decision I have made! I have been adding these drops to whatever I think will needs a pick me up.

My favorite recipe is  Iced Coffee! Yesss OMG this is soooo good and it’s a no guilt drink.

So I take 1 cup of coffee with 1 cup of ice and add it to my blender then I add whatever flavor I want. My favorite flavor is chocolate and coconut sweet drops mixed together which gives me an Almond Joy taste without all the calories!!! sweet dropsYummmm!! I also use Vanilla, Caramel and  English Toffee for other flavors. This is such a treat and I don’t have to worry about my waisteline! sweet drops


One of my favorite night time snacks when I’m really craving chocolate I make a really yummy strawberry dish. In a bowl I cut up 6 strawberries, crush up 1 WASA cracker, add about 4 TBSP of water and 6 drops of chocolate sweet drops. Microwave for 1min and 30sec. This is soooo scrumptious and can be used if you are following the HCG diet, or just as a health snack.

sweet drops

Don’t go anywhere without your sweet drops they are a lifesaver!!! Grab some now!!

[Video] Easy Beginner Eye Look Tutorial !!

Beginner Eye Tutorial


Rock Your Eye with this Easy Beginner Tutorial Eye Look from Ms Rosh Posh

Having trouble getting a fabulous eye look… then look no further! Makeup Artist and Celebrity Youtuber Ms Rosh Posh (one of my favs!) creates an amazing tutorial using the Addiction Palette #1 and Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara better known as the Magic Mascara that gives you length and volume seen on the Dr’s TV show!  It’s a beautiful subtle look that could go from a day to a night look by switching up lippies which you can see in the video below!


Watch Ms Rosh Posh Slay this Eye Look Tutorial!

Beginner Eye Look Tutorial

Pigments for Smokey Eye Makeup Improve Your Blend Game!!

Smokey Eye Makeup


The Best Smokey Eye Makeup….Pigments!

Choosing the best products for smokey eye makeup can be a life changer!! At this very moment I am loving eye shadow pigments. Pigments incase you don’t know are a loose pigmented powder and can actually be used for more that just eyeshadow….but for this case  I will stay on topic. Why am I partial to pigments instead of regular eyeshadow? Pigments can be easily blended as they go on smoother and if you are using a quality brand the pigmentation can be out of this world giving you vibrant colors that give your eyes that sexy pop!! Pigments can be soft or by adding a bit of water can be very dramatic, the versatility is just amazing!

For the smokey eye makeup look I achieved in the picture above I used two pigments for my lid I

used Younique’s Devious Pigment which is a sparkly black

Smokey eye makeup

and for my crease I used Younique’s Heartbroken Pigment which is like a brick red smokey eye makeup. As I blended the two together I blended upward to pull some of the darker color into the lighter shade to give it more of a gradient look. The two colors blended seamlessly. Of course to open up my eyes more I added our Pristine eyeliner to my waterline…one of my favorite tricks! Under my waterline I smudged the devious pigment and then the heartbroken over it to bring the look all together! Last but not least no falsie eyelashes…these luscious lashes were built using 3D Fiber Lash Mascara Plus as seen on the Dr’s TV Show otherwise known as the Magic Mascara!

To really make your smokey eye makeup pop it’s a must that you also have your eyebrow game intact so make sure you watch this quick tutorial on how I shape my eyebrows and what I use to keep my eyebrow game strong!


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August Star Looks LookBook and Starbox

Starlooks LookBook for August : Look Inside

Starlooks has upgraded their monthly subscription and my first StarLooks LookBook has arrived!!! I am completely in LOVE with the look!! It definitely fits my style as I love the ocean and the beach…it made me feel like I was ready to go on a Tropical adventure! Watch my unveil below and my look once I applied to products!!


Make sure you get your subscription to try out these amazing products every month here at STARLOOKS


I received this for free to review and this is my own opinion.

Periscope is the Biz!!! Don’t Sleep on this Social Media Platform…Your Business Needs it!

Periscope Gives Life to Social Media…Live Streaming Goodness!!Periscope

If you haven’t heard about Periscope already I’m am so excited to share it with you!!! OMG! Just when you think social media can’t get any better ……something remarkable and amazingly witty comes along and shakes things up! Enter Periscope..WooHOO!!! Honeslty I can’t keep up with this stuff…appearantly before Periscope there was something similar called Meerkat but I just skipped over that and Periscope has been where I have been spending the last week literally just glued to my phone! I’m loving it!

Ok so what is Periscope you’re asking…well as I mentioned it’s a new social media platform that allows users to stream live where ever they are using a front facing camera or flipping it to see what they are pointing their phone at. What is sooo cool is the fact that viewers can communicate with the streamer by commenting and the streamer can talk back and converse with viewers! There’s cute little hearts that flutter up the screen when you tap it while watching a streamer which show’s them how much you are diggin’ what they are talking about! The live broadcasts can be saved to your gallery but are only viewable to others for 24hrs!!

From celebrities, business owners, comedians and your everyday Joe there’s entertainment for all!! Literally I just watched this guy make a homemade slip-n-slide in a hospital by pouring water down the hall and then spraying oil on his body…..then he commenced to sliding down the hallway…..unbelievable not getting caught…oh my goodnes I laughed so hard.. it was hilarious!!

So I guarantee you will enjoy Periscope! You know it’s connected to Twitter so you can follow all the same people you follow on twitter to start out with and then continue to add people.

Business wise…it’s all about giving value and sharing with others your skills, or sharing how your product works, sharing your talents if you sing,,,act..comedian….anything goes!! Just being authentic and giving your best is all that’s needed to start getting a following. Make sure you share scopes that you like with your followers, comment on scopes, and give hearts!! Follow me on Periscope @thesinglemomboss I would love to see your scopes!!


[Video] How I lost 22lbs in 16 days! Back Pain is Gone!

Losing weight has always been a challenge for me. I have been overweight for many years and it seemed that now in my 30′s the weight has been harder to keep off. Granted I do a lot of sitting at my desk working which didn’t help at all. So because I was so sedentary and continued to eat junk food my body just kept adding on the weight and before you know it I had tipped 300lbs….OMG I was devastated, depressed and in pain! Literally my back could not handle the weight. I thought if I went to a Chiropractor that possibly that would help my back, but it didn’t I actually felt worse.

My problem was that I had gained so much weight…my back hurt tremendously when I walked or stood up for too long so sitting down would help ease the pain. I was so depressed I didn’t know what to do. So I just ate my misery away. But of course no one knew how I was feeling, I kept it all inside too ashamed to face the reality. It hurt too bad to exercise so I just gave up.

But then something happened….my sister and her husband started to take some weightloss supplements and started dropping pounds like crazy. Of course I was intrigued and knew I needed to do something so I called them up to see what they were doing. To my surprise they were taking HCG drops, now I heard about these drops because Dr.Oz had made them so famous, but I just wasn’t buying it at the time…but now that I saw the results with my own eyes I thought I would give it the benefit of the doubt. Soooo I ordered my HCG drops and started following the eating plan….

I couldn’t believe my eyes in just the first 2 days I was down 3lbs..and I kept losing everyday after that!! Before I knew it I was down 22lbs in 16 days!! I was so excited. Finally I found something that helped me stop eating junk, suppressed my appetite and most of all took away my back pain!! Just that alone has been amazing!! I can now walk without pain!! No more back pain, my energy level is through the roof, and I’m healthier!

I became a product of the product and now I’m helping others do the same!!! You see the company that supplies the HCG drops has literally changed my life!!! I am so excited to now partner with them and provide the amazing products to others. HCG drops are just a portion of the weightloss products available. People are losing pounds left and right with our Iaso tea, Delgada Coffee and so much more!!! If I can do this weight loss thing you can too!! Let’s do it together!!!

Hey here’s the best part and it’s sooo much fun. I have bonded with others and we have a culture of phenominal people losing weight and making money at the same time! Wow it is soo much fun!! We are having a total blast!! You have to get on board with us in Total Life Changes we are on to something and changing lives!! So run on over to my website choose the products you want to come in on (must be at least 40 in volume which is about $40) and you are good to go!!! We will welcome you to the team with open arms and get you added to our amazing online groups for support! We are one huge family!! Join us HERE!! In case you need it my IBO#4285371

Got questions go to my contact page and send me a message!!