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[Video] Defend Innocence…Our Kids Matter…Younique Breaks Guinness World Record

Defend Innocence and Younique Breaks Guinness World Record

Younique is breaking many records and just this past weekend the cosmetic company broke the Guinness World record of taking the most selfies simultaneously in one place with over 4500 selfies taken all to bring awareness to Defend Innocence a brand managed by Younique to help educate parents on childhood sexual abuse! I just happened to be a part of this world record breaking and I couldn’t be prouder!!

Defend Innocence

Love Her!!!

I’m a single mom and being able to support something that can help me keep my daughter and other children stay  protected from abusers is something I am thrilled to support and encourage more to take action and get educated. Younique is bringing awareness this month by putting together a special edition Glam kit which includes a sleek Defend Innocence bracelet, beautiful Shimmery Baby Pink Lipstick, Shimmery Baby pink Cream Eyeshadow and a Gorg Eggplant Eyeliner!

Defend Innocence


Defend Innocence and Make a Statement!

Defending the innocence of our children should come naturally for parents out there. I for one will do whatever it takes to keep my child safe, but I appreciate the Defend Innocence Foundation that provides me with the tools I need and education to be aware of predators. You can visit the Defend Innocence website to get educated on what to look for to keep your child safe here!


World Record

Me Breaking a World Record

Watch Us in Action Defend Innocence with Lexxi and Zoe!

Get a peek at the amazing Defend Innocence Kudos for this month and Grab Yours HERE



[Video] Single Moms Are Rocking This Home Biz Like Wooah!

Single Moms Make This Biz Look Easy

Being a single mom I learned quickly that I needed something that was going to bring in the extra money to live and make sure my daughter had everything she needs in life! It was a no brainer that I needed something that could provide an unlimited amount of funds because I knew that what I made from my job was going to continue to be the same every 2 weeks and there were times when my money ran out before my month and I was stealing from Peter to pay Paul. I had tons of medical bills piling up…it was a hot mess! But there was something inside me that said Alex get it together you can do this! So in comes this little makeup biz that took my life by storm and I’m so happy it did! So before I say too much take a peek at this video and when you’re done get back to me.

So there it is in a nutshell…this little makeup biz has done wonders for this Single Mom and I’m ready to help other single moms out there build an amazing business of their own. Click HERE to Join!

Single Moms

[Video] My Favorite Single Mom Quotes: Single Moms Rock

Awesome Single Mom Quotes


There are tons of Single Mom quotes out there but these are a few  of my favorites!! I love being a single mom so I figured why not share some single mom quotes to help my fellow single moms out there stay focused and WIN!!!  It’s time that we help support each other! When we work together we can be so powerful!!!

Enjoy my single mom quotes!!


Lock arms with me and learn how I’m building a 6 figure income from home!! Click the picture and watch the video!! I want to help Single Moms build an empire of their own!! Let’s Do This!!

single mom quotes

[Video] Beauty Blogger Em Ford Shows the World the Real Her…Social Media Responded..

Em Ford Shows Her Face Behind the Makeup…Social Media Weighs in

I commend Em Ford for sharing her beauty with and without makeup! This video is just pure bravery….We should all be happy in the skin we are in and accept who we are. Makeup for me only enhances the beauty already there!! Many young women have acne and by the remarks that are seen in this video it is sad that women and young girls have to hear such plain evil everyday. Em is definitely being a role model and helping others accept who they are and feel good about it!


My Favoite Beauty Line..Shop Here!

[Video]Have You Seen Those #BossBabe Pics? Be a Part of the Community!



Seeing BossBabe all Around You? Want to Get in on the Fun!

So you would have to be living under a rock if you haven’t seen these BossBabe quotes all over Facebook, twitter, instagram, pinterest and any other social media platforms. The brand is absolutely genius!! I definitely loved them from the start!! They were speaking everything that I am and everything that I believe in! I am that BossBabe who is driven and very much independent! I found myself sharing these photos with my friends and followers because they were just that dope!

When I found out that Alexandra Wolfe the awesome woman behind the brand set up a network website for all BossBabes all over the world to interact with each other I knew I had to be a part of it!! I signed up with no problem whatsoever!! Now I’m a part of a network with some really amazing women that have fascinating ideas about business! I get to share with them my expertise and they in turn share with me! We get invited to exclusive calls like one I recently listened in on with Natalie Gouche an expert social media trainer who gave really awesome info on how to turn likes into leads!

The Bossbabe community is quickly growing on me and I am so thankful that Alex put it all together!!

So if you are a BossBabe you must get involved and become a part of the community!! Come on over and sign up here!


Are You a Follower? Why College May Not Be for You!

be different

Following What “Society” Says

Are you a follower? Have you been sucked into what society says you must do to be successful? Did your parents, teachers and other role models tell you that in order for you to make it in this world you had to go to school and get a “job”? Yep I know I totally get it ….I was too!! I did everything that my parents wanted me to do..I went to college got a ton of degrees and got a “job”! Woo hoo….yeh me..right?  Well I thought it was right until I was introduced to a whole new world of network marketing and I thought OMG why didn’t someone ever tell me about this before I got into a ton of debt in student loans…lol!

Why was it so taboo to work for yourself and build a career in network marketing?

Honestly I believe it’s a conspiracy….all our lives we were trained to go to school 5 days a week for 8hrs a day and then go to work 5 days a week 8 hrs a day all to be working for someone else making them rich. Now let me say this…..if you are someone who wants to be a doctor, nurse, lawyer or something like that yes you need to go to college, there’s no way around that. The thing is most people go to college and end up in a career that has nothing to do with what they went to school for and they are MISERABLE and honestly proabaly didn’t even need a college degree to do what they are doing plus 8 out of 10 people hate their jobs…yes that’s a true statistic.

The problem is that they don’t know what to do about hating their job, because that is all they know or they are scared to make a change. By making a change I mean working towards what makes you tick. If money wasn’t an object they would be  doing what they really want to do with their lives. Yeah I know it’s hard to think that you can make a living doing what you love! Some people just can’t get their heads around it. I digress….

Here’s the thing it’s not going to be easy….yes you have to put in work…but oh my darling it is soooo worth it!!!

Benefits of Doing What You Love

Think about your life….say you’re married you have kids and you have to put your kids in daycare so you can go to work. Now someone else is keeping your children the majority of the time. You are missing out on so much all because you have to go  punch the clock…..wouldn’t you rather be home with your kids?

Here’s another scenario…your child is sick but you have no one to take care of them and you can’t miss work because you have a huge presentation to give to a client and it will make or break your career you could possibly be fired….so you take your kid to daycare and give them some medicine to hopefully hold them over until you can get off……

Oh here’s one…your kids have a school play in the middle of the day and because once again you have to work you miss it and your kids are disappointed that you couldn’t make it.

Have I tugged on any heart strings yet?

Suddenly being your own boss and having control of your own schedule is starting to look good!

But how do you do it?

Well first things first what do you love?

Do you like to make things like jewelry? Well how would you capitalize on that?

Here’s what I would do. I would start off making as much jewelry as possible to have a good inventory. Then I would build a website and put my jewelry up for sale. I would call my friends over for a jewelry party and test the waters by seeing how they like it. I would start making videos on how to make jewelry and give tutorials and build a blog all about jewelry. Once my blog was established and started to get a nice amount of traffic (meaning people coming to my blog) I would put a few google adsense ads on it and start getting paid for ad clicks. I would point people to shop on my website. I would also ask them to sign up to get my newsletter so I could grab their email and start marketing to them on a continuous basis and they get to know me and want to buy more jewelry from me. I’d make sure I was visible on all social media platforms.

Are you starting to get it now….that’s just a snippet of course there’s a little more to it, but that’s it! You can teach yourself this stuff it’s really not rocket science and you’re not spending a fortune on college.

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Be Blessed!