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#12LipsofChristmas Is Trending All Over the Internet!



#12LipsofChristmas is Taking Over Social Media

Here’s the scoop…you may have seen the hashtag #12lipsofchristmas all over social media the past few days and let me just warn ya ….you will see more!! Younique has started a frenzy by announcing an amazing contest for their presenters to win the much sought after Younique Makeup Trunk/Case….I mean this thing is a pretty BIG deal!! So presenters all over the world are posting pictures of their most creative lippie looks using Younique products and using the hashtag #12lipsofchristmas to be seen!! Yes we hit the #1 spot on Instagram for trending hashtags…we stayed there for a bit until baby Saint West knocked up into 2nd place. Yeah leave it up to the Kardashians to break the internet with their new born baby’s name.

Below is my lippie look of the day!! Be sure to follow me on Facebook to see my looks everyday and share! I’m so excited about this contest I love seeing all the creative looks everyone has!! We have such amazing products that are versatile for anyone to use!!  Also check out the hashtag #12lipsofchristmas on social media sites to see all the looks for yourself…it’s quite awesome!!



Model: Me wearing Lethal Lipgloss and a dab of Gorgeous mineral pigment.

I am so happy to be apart of an amazing company that lets me build a career and an income doing something I love which is wear amazing makeup and share it with everyone I come across!! I would love to show you how! Feel free to contact me on Facebook

Or if you are someone who just can’t wait and you are ready to go right now….visit my website and JOIN HERE. I’ll be in touch with you to help you get going soon after!!

Black Friday HUGE Deals Online Start Shopping Here Now!

Huge Black Friday Savings You Can’t Pass Up Hurry Time is Ticking

Black Friday Online Sales

Black Friday Online Sales

Black friday shoppers you are in for a treat with this awesome deal!! This is your chance to get the coveted as seen on the Dr’s. TV Show Magic Mascara (3d Fiber Lash Mascara) and more!! Our top of the line products will give you the beautiful look you have been wanting for the holidays! 3d Fiber Lash Mascara will give you the look of falsies without the mess! Bat your eyes and get what you want this Christmas!  Do you have dry or oily skin? Well either way you can choose the Illuminate Face cleanser that works best for you!! Your face will thank you for refreshing it! Our mineral pigments are fabulous choose from multiple colors! Use our pigments as eyeshadows, hair chalk, tint your clear nail polish or add to your clear lipgloss and make your favorite color! The possibilities are endless!  Your eyes will also thankyou for using our special eyebrushes that feel like silk gliding over your delicate eyelids. Yes the skin on your eyelids is so delicate it must be treated with the best! Ready to get this awesome deal SHOP HERE!

Black Friday Shopping Get it Done Online Now

Yess it’s that time of year for Black Friday Craziness to happen!!! Are you ready or Nah? Well let me tell you I have never been a fan of shopping on Black Friday…..I’m not a crowd person, I don’t like the pushing and shoving…it’s just too crazy for me! Plus when I’m shopping I don’t like to be rushed I like to take my time and find the best!! So here is what I have for you!! This Black Friday stay at home and shop with me!!!

Yes I am an Independent Business Owner with Younique and our high quality mineral makeup is in my opinion the BEST make-up out there!! We are of course known for our 3D Fiber Lash Mascara that will give you the look of falsies without the glue and mess!

3d Fiber Lash Mascara


Spend at least $100 and your shipping is FREE!! This is an amazing perk! That’s just 4 mascara’s!! They are an awesome stocking stuffer! Most ladies where mascara so why not have the best!! Men this is a simple and easy gift that your lady will love!

We have a very special offer going on right now exclusive only to November! That is our stunningly amazing Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain!  It goes on so smooth just like paint and stains your lips a deep sexy wine color! Now this lip stain is only available in November and to get it just spend at least $150 and the Lipstain is FREE!! Gah!! What an awesome deal!! I’m in love with mine!

Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain

Now every girl can say that she’s wiped her eyes and her eyeliner smudged and gave her racoon eyes well that has totally changed with Younique! Our lip liners and eyeliners are completely smudge proof and long wearing! See the video below of a colleague of mine demostrating the liners in comparison to Mac eyeliner! Huge difference!

I am so loving this Ombre Lip using our lip liners and lipgloss!

ombre lip


Ready to Start Your Black Friday Shopping?








[Video] Review: Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain by Younique

Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain by YouniqueStiff Upper Lip Lip Stain

OMGWOW!!! I am in LLLLLOOOOVE with my Stiff Upper Lip Stain!! Yes this product is simply amazing and it is only available in November (sad face)! So if you want something easy that will stay on and not budge and gives you a beautiful dramatic sexy look this is it!!! No time to waist like I said there’s only a few days left in November to grab yours!!!  All you have to do is spend at least $150 and you will get the Stiff Upper Lip Lip Stain for Free!! See the picture below on the awesome stocking stuffers you can get that will help you get to $150! Check out my video below of me applying the lip stain for the 1st time!!

Stiff Upper Lip Lip stain