999 UK Presenters Joined Younique in 26 Minutes! Are you Kidding Me??

Younique UK Launch

Younique Launched in the UK and BAM!!!

Yes these are truly amazing times..Younique has just launched in the UK and in just 26 minutes the Triple Digit Club of United Kingdom Founders was filled up!!! This just shows how powerful and amazing our company is! Being a Younique Indepedent Business Owner has been a huge highlight in my life and it just keeps getting better!

Younique has done something quite amazing in my life and it wasn’t just all about the money. My sister is 5 years older than me and we live miles and miles apart…well she decided to join me in Younique a month after I joined and through Younique we have gotten so much closer and I just thank God for that!! It’s all about building relationships and coming into your own! Learning how to step out of your comfort zone to get the things in life you have always wanted! Younique has and is doing so much for me and the women that have joined my team! I can hardly sit still! I’m so excited that I could run a marathon and shout to the world how awesome this ride is and it’s only the beginning!

Younique is growing leaps and bounds when I joined the company in late June of this year we were under 60, 000 presenters and now today the number keeps changing every second..we are at 108,402 presenters! That is amazing for a company to do in just 2 years! Yep that’s right Younique is only 2 years old!! So gues what because we are celebrating our 2 Year anniversary..Younique is providing a new presenters kit to people who join in October and November!

Younique’s 2 Year Anniverdary Presenters Kit

Younique Anniversary Kit


Wow!!! This is an awesome kit! It has my most favorite products in it out Uplift Eye Serum, Glorius Primer, Lucrative Lipgloss, 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, Precision Liners and your very first White Charm (of many more to come as you grow in your business)!!

Amazing times are happening! Women all over the world are empowered and loving themselves and what they do! I’m just excited to continue to spread the word!

Make sure you check out my video below and CLICK HERE to join me today!