Best Matte Liquid Lipstick and How to Wear it!

matte liquid lipstick


Looking for the best matte liquid lipstick? There’s so many different brands out there how can you even figure out which one’s are the best for you?  Some major factors to look for when purchasing a liquid matte lipstick are

1. Staying Power

2. Moisture

3. The perfect Shade

Got those 3  factors in a mattle lipstick then you have found the perfect one!!

I have found that Younique has the perfect Liquid Matte Lipstick and amazing colors at that! Their line is called Splash Liquid Matte Lipstick and the “Splash”  definitley hints to all the moisture in these lippies! I am so in love with it because my lips don’t feel dry and sucked of all the moisture. These matte liquid lipsticks go on smooth and creamy and give your lips the moisture needed all day long!

Speaking of all day long you will be impressed with how your Splash liquid matte lipsticks holds up throughout the day! It’s staying power is #splashliquidlipstickstrong lol! I have gone from 8-5pm and my lips still look amazing! Now of course as with any lipstick if you eat alot or drink you will need to freshen it up. Don’t let anyone tell you different unless you are using a lipstain of something (of which Younique has some awesome lipstains too!).

matte liquid lipstick

Soooo you have the perfect matte liquid lipstick now what is the best way to apply it for all day staying power!

Yes there is a best way to get the most out of your matte lipstick and trust me your lips will thank you!

Follow these steps and have amazing kissable lips!

1. Exfoliate those lips! Nothing looks worse than lipstick over cracked dry ips. Exfoliating is a must especially before applying matte lipstick. Just a few quick swipes buffs away dry cells and rejuvenates skin, leaving soft, supple lips. Use before all other lip products for brighter, bolder, and longer-lasting wear. This exfoliator is shaped like a lipstick tube for easy hands free exfoliation! It’s sugar and Shea butter buff, polish and hydrates your lips!  Grab some here

matte liquid lipstick


2. Moisturize.. Adding extra moisture never hurt no body! So this Lip Balm will give your lips a treat and should be applied after exfoliating for ultimate moisture! Featured on Essence. com as one of the best tinted lip balms Lip Bon Bons pamper your lips with a smooth  creamy hint of color.  Go check out all the flavors here!

matte liquid lipstick

3. Prime

Now that you have moisturized you want to give your matte liquid lipstick something to hold onto! So how do I do this? Well I just used my foundatioin brush to apply my foundation so I use what is leftover on my brush to dab over my lips!  That’s it sooo easy!! The Powder Puff Brush does the Job well!

matte liquid lipstick


4. Last but not least Pucker Up It’s time for Splash Liquid Matte Lipstick!!

Choose from 10 different colors and 6 new ones (only available in June)!  Mix and match colors and make omber looks! The choice is yours! Have fun and make your lips your statement piece!

Shop collection (only way to grab the new 6 colors; Sublime, Stellar, Sumptuous, Susceptible, Superb and Stately) here or shop for individual colors here 

matte liquid lipstick


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Sweet Drops Make Everything Taste Better: Stevia Drops

Give your Drinks and Food the Flavor they need with Sweet Drops! No Sugar or Fat..just Yummy Goodness!


Ok Ok I know this is not about makeup, but I’m on a journey to lose weight and since I’m losing weight of course this will help with my skin tone overall! While on my journey I have been looking for something to help sweeten and give flavor to my drinks and meals, someone recommended looking for sweet drops which is a liquid sweetner made with Stevia. So I searched on Amazon and found a ton of different flavors and had them shipped to me pronto!! Let me tell you it was one of the best quick decision I have made! I have been adding these drops to whatever I think will needs a pick me up.

My favorite recipe is  Iced Coffee! Yesss OMG this is soooo good and it’s a no guilt drink.

So I take 1 cup of coffee with 1 cup of ice and add it to my blender then I add whatever flavor I want. My favorite flavor is chocolate and coconut sweet drops mixed together which gives me an Almond Joy taste without all the calories!!! sweet dropsYummmm!! I also use Vanilla, Caramel and  English Toffee for other flavors. This is such a treat and I don’t have to worry about my waisteline! sweet drops


One of my favorite night time snacks when I’m really craving chocolate I make a really yummy strawberry dish. In a bowl I cut up 6 strawberries, crush up 1 WASA cracker, add about 4 TBSP of water and 6 drops of chocolate sweet drops. Microwave for 1min and 30sec. This is soooo scrumptious and can be used if you are following the HCG diet, or just as a health snack.

sweet drops

Don’t go anywhere without your sweet drops they are a lifesaver!!! Grab some now!!

[Video] Defend Innocence…Our Kids Matter…Younique Breaks Guinness World Record

Defend Innocence and Younique Breaks Guinness World Record

Younique is breaking many records and just this past weekend the cosmetic company broke the Guinness World record of taking the most selfies simultaneously in one place with over 4500 selfies taken all to bring awareness to Defend Innocence a brand managed by Younique to help educate parents on childhood sexual abuse! I just happened to be a part of this world record breaking and I couldn’t be prouder!!

Defend Innocence

Love Her!!!

I’m a single mom and being able to support something that can help me keep my daughter and other children stay  protected from abusers is something I am thrilled to support and encourage more to take action and get educated. Younique is bringing awareness this month by putting together a special edition Glam kit which includes a sleek Defend Innocence bracelet, beautiful Shimmery Baby Pink Lipstick, Shimmery Baby pink Cream Eyeshadow and a Gorg Eggplant Eyeliner!

Defend Innocence


Defend Innocence and Make a Statement!

Defending the innocence of our children should come naturally for parents out there. I for one will do whatever it takes to keep my child safe, but I appreciate the Defend Innocence Foundation that provides me with the tools I need and education to be aware of predators. You can visit the Defend Innocence website to get educated on what to look for to keep your child safe here!


World Record

Me Breaking a World Record

Watch Us in Action Defend Innocence with Lexxi and Zoe!

Get a peek at the amazing Defend Innocence Kudos for this month and Grab Yours HERE



[Video] Highlight and Contour Like a Pro with the New Sculpting Trio!! Soo Easy!

Highlight and Contour


Highlight and Contour Like You Have a Masters!

Highlighting and Contouring doesn’t have to be scary when you have the perfect tools to get the job done like a Pro!! Younique has released a new product called the Sculpting Trio that includes a contour shade a highlight shade and a glow shade!  The contour shade is a velvety cream to powder finish that is buildable and infused with sunflower seed oil and vitamin E, the highlight is a slightly iridescent moisturizing mineral powder that gives a soft look, and the Glow is a 3D Cream is a luzurious satin cream that just shines baby!! This Trio is absolutely amazing!! The Trio comes in 3 shade sets…Light, Medium and Dark so it’s easy to choose which one works best for you! This month if you grab the scuplting kit you will also receive a free highlight and contour brush that let me tell ya is the BOMB!! This brush is amazing and blends your highlight and contour perfectly! My favorite part…is the 3rd step the GLOW!! You’ll see why once you watch the video below!

What I absolutely love is that the instructions are simple and easy to follow so anyone can highlight and contour like a pro with no problem..seriously it’s just that simple!!

Let me show you the Sculpting Trio …watch my reaction….I’m in Love!! My Highlight and contour is giving me LIFE!!

Amazing right?? I know I couldn’t contain myself!! So go ahead I know you are ready to grab yours so go get it HERE!! Let me know how you like it!!


[Video] Easy Beginner Eye Look Tutorial !!

Beginner Eye Tutorial


Rock Your Eye with this Easy Beginner Tutorial Eye Look from Ms Rosh Posh

Having trouble getting a fabulous eye look… then look no further! Makeup Artist and Celebrity Youtuber Ms Rosh Posh (one of my favs!) creates an amazing tutorial using the Addiction Palette #1 and Moodstruck 3D Fiber Lash Mascara better known as the Magic Mascara that gives you length and volume seen on the Dr’s TV show!  It’s a beautiful subtle look that could go from a day to a night look by switching up lippies which you can see in the video below!


Watch Ms Rosh Posh Slay this Eye Look Tutorial!

Beginner Eye Look Tutorial

[Video] Single Moms Are Rocking This Home Biz Like Wooah!

Single Moms Make This Biz Look Easy

Being a single mom I learned quickly that I needed something that was going to bring in the extra money to live and make sure my daughter had everything she needs in life! It was a no brainer that I needed something that could provide an unlimited amount of funds because I knew that what I made from my job was going to continue to be the same every 2 weeks and there were times when my money ran out before my month and I was stealing from Peter to pay Paul. I had tons of medical bills piling up…it was a hot mess! But there was something inside me that said Alex get it together you can do this! So in comes this little makeup biz that took my life by storm and I’m so happy it did! So before I say too much take a peek at this video and when you’re done get back to me.

So there it is in a nutshell…this little makeup biz has done wonders for this Single Mom and I’m ready to help other single moms out there build an amazing business of their own. Click HERE to Join!

Single Moms